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Perfect Balance Wellness is proud to be an affiliate of the Enjoying Aging network of Websites. As part of the group of partners we share many similarities. One such attribute is the policies that govern all Websites associated with the official EA group of Websites. Currently this group includes the following Websites with each name followed by .com: Enjoying Aging, LLC., the parent company, Enjoying Senior Life, Enjoying Senior Living, Enjoying RVs, Enjoying Aviation, Enjoying Living, Perfect Balance Wellness Inc., Rocking W Western Wear, King of Napoli, and many others. With so many Websites it was easier for us to develop one all-encompassing blanket policy to govern all sites. For any questions about our policies please follow these links to the individual policy you are interested in, i.e. Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Cookies Policy, Spam Policy, Sweepstakes and Promotions, Web Beacons and IP Address.

If you are unable to find the answers to your questions throughout the pages of our policies please contact us with your questions and we will gladly assist you in resolving any issues you are concerned with.





Returns Policy

As a small company we were faced with some simple facts. One is that it is not possible for us to buy, stock, sell, or ship the number of products we want to offer to our Website visitors. Eventually we plan to display some signature products but for now that will have to be something we look forward to.

We are pleased that you found the products we have chosen to offer on our Website worthy of your consideration for purchase. We selected these companies and the products they sell because we felt they would be a good fit for you, our Website visitors, customers, family and friends. However, these companies are independent of Enjoying Aging and all related dba affiliates and we have no control over their policies. What that means is; we are not the end retailer of the items listed on this site. All merchandise shown here is sold and shipped by one of our advertisers and they set their own policies with regard to returns.

This does not mean that we don’t care about you and making sure you are satisfied with the products we recommended to you from our Websites. We recognize the importance of having a great return policy and are on your side to the fullest extent. If for some reason you are not treated fairly and with respect, we ask that you let us know immediately so we can assist in whatever means possible. It is imperative that the companies we work with follow certain minimums regarding returns and other requirements. If we find that any company we currently work with does not follow those standards we will terminate our relationship and find other resources for products.

Thank you for trusting us with your purchases and giving us the chance to keep you as a happy customer and a permanent member of our circle of friends.




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