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A Farewell Message from the Former Owner and a Welcome Message from the New Owner.

Our company has been through many changes over the last few years but we never lost sight of the value it has become, to not only us, but more importantly, to our circle of friends, Website visitors and customers. Because of how much feedback we received from you, we made the difficult decision of transferring ownership of the Website to a new group that is just as committed to maintaining the high standards of excellence you have known from us. We thank you for the many years of support you have given us and hope you will give the same trust and commitment to the new owners.

Thank You.

As the new owners of the Perfect Balance Wellness Website we make the solemn promise to maintain the highest standards of excellence you received in the past. We are committed to giving you the information you want by giving you more control over the types of content you see on the site. Throughout the Website you will find blogs, forms and surveys asking you to participate in conversations. By your comments on articles in the site, analytics and other forms of interactions, we will be able to bring you more of the things that you care about to help you with your goals of better health.


Manager, Perfect Balance Wellness



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