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Our children and grandchildren, the loves of our lives, a joy and a challenge. While most times they are fun and a pleasure to be with, everyone who has spent any time with them knows there are times when they can also be quite challenging. If you are like most of us you know that those challenging times usually come at the worst time possible.

To help with those times when we really need them to entertain themselves for a few minutes we have provided the following distractions.


  • Printable Coloring Sheets
  • Sing-a-long Nursery Rhymes
  • Games


Trivia, quizzes, Articles and much more These are fun for all ages and you may even find that you enjoy them as much as the kids!


Coloring Sheets

These printable coloring sheets are great for keeping your little artist entertained while doing your exercises, work, or anything you need to do without distractions.

Fruit Bowl Horse Halloween Printables Turkey



Everyone remembers these old nursery rhymes and most people surveyed today believe they should continue to be passed on to future generations. For those of us who have forgotten them or don’t remember the words we’ve made it easy. The following .PDF files have all the words to the songs plus some have sheet music, instructions on making related crafts, background information and more.

Open them on your favorite device or we suggest printing each song so they can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime.

Old MacDonald Had A Farm

Autumn Leaves Are Falling Down



Trivia, Games and More

These informative articles, word play, trivia, games and more are fun for everyone. Each day there is a new word, article, lesson, quote or game for you to enjoy through an RSS feed update. You will find something new to learn or have fun with so be sure to favorite this page in your browser and visit everyday to see what's new.



Word of the Day



A broad, flat-topped elevation with one or more clifflike sides, common in the southwest United States.



Article of the Day

Daily Grammar Lesson

Idiom of the Day


Owning a large amount of land that is unprofitable and being without the means to maintain it or capitalize on its fertility.

This Day in History

Today's Birthday

Today's Holiday

Paryushana (Paryushan Parva)

Like most other Jaina festivals, the Paryushana festival is observed by focusing on the 10 cardinal virtues: forgiveness, charity, simplicity, contentment, truthfulness, self-restraint, fasting, detachment, humility, and continence. Believers ask those whom they may have offended to forgive them, and friendships that have lapsed during the year are restored. The Paryushana festival is observed all over India in the month of Bhadrapada (August-September). More...

Quote of the Day

But curb thou the high spirit in thy breast, for gentle ways are best, and keep aloof from sharp contentions.
(900 BC-800 BC)

Word Trivia

Today's topic: Implied

Subaudition - The act of understanding something that is implied but not overtly expressed; the act of reading between the lines or otherwise understanding a message that is implicit. More... tacenda, tacit - Tacenda are things not to be mentioned or made public—things better left unsaid; tacit means "unspoken, silent" or "implied, inferred." More...

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